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What is e-learning


It provides freedom and flexibility. You control your time yourself.

Imagine a development in your learning regardless of your personal learning style.

That's what we call Slow Learning.

If you need support for a specific topic, a slower or faster pace, the possibility of this is.

Dive into items that interest you.

Also known as distance learning or online teaching. E-learning is online courses, materials where you can control when and how much you work daily on each course through flexible online processes.

There are self-governing courses, as well as courses with the opportunity to get in touch with our skilled teachers and homework helpers.

If you need us teaching

why use us?

We screen all our mentors, educators, homework helpers, material developers and tutors. This means that everyone is qualified to work with their subjects.

your child

The starting point is always your child and the child's interest. Their learning and competence development with success experiences is the goal.

You can choose to run through the gradients with or without contact with us


We find the teacher or teachers who can tailor the guidance or teaching that your child needs. Relevant topics are always focused on the child's interest.


Should we give your child a professional and mental boost? Let's put focus on subjects and challenge where the need is for your child to develop your professional skills.

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