Skolen Online is for all children and young people, they have not been able to link them to public institutions. We have room for everyone. The courses can be taken as a single course, course, or you can choose to follow our upcoming online team.

We are created, put into effect and are founded to create a learning platform targeted at children and young people wherever they are located in the world.

We are no traditional school

First of all, we want to make it clear that we are not a traditional school as you know it. We're a literal school. The word school comes from Greek and means 'leisure time from practical work and the possibility of intellectual expression.

Therefore, you are only committed to yourself. This applies to when you take courses, choose to take an 'exam' or have made an appointment with a teacher.

That kind of commitment - to yourself - is usually the greatest motivation to accomplish something. Also online courses. Enjoy - we look forward to following you.

Our associated teachers are trained teachers or have extensive experience from the subject field that they provide teaching in through Skolen Online.

Our first vision and goal is to cover the subjects of primary and secondary education who can be taught online. The courses can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several weeks.

In addition, we are working to create an online team that can be followed by children who are home-taught, live abroad or are further away from daily schooling for one reason or another.

Who's behind it?

Tanja Schjellerup, who has worked on learning, teaching, children and young people since autumn 2005, does so.

With many years in the educational world, Tanja has experiences and knowledge in the backpack. She has experience with teaching from 0.graders to adults in business. With this knowledge in her luggage, she is a bachelor of education, a master of arts in pedagogical philosophy, 5L Education Diplomacy Leader, studies EMBA and she is self-employed.

She is also the founder of School Online.

who we are adressing?

Skolen Online is an EdTech platform for students, homeschoolers, municipalities and teachers in traditional classrooms.

Our concept is built by entrepreneurs, teachers and developers who all have experience in their field as well as an interest in educating current and future generations of students.

We are the educational platform of the now, and we are constantly preparing to keep up to date with the future of didactic, educational and educational digital systems..



If you stay home schooled, we have the materials for you. You or your parents can find different courses to age +5 years - the goal is continuously to develop materials and courses from preschool to secondary education.

children in the educational system

If you go to school every day and feel you need more knowledge, other topics or if you need support and feedback, we are here too.

For example, you can follow single courses or get sole lessons from our skilled trainers

municipalities & institutions

We are ready to help you with students who are shorter or longer away from primary or secondary education.

We are also working on materials and courses for your employees working with children and young people in your various institutions.

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