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Get yourself ready for the future with subjects you already know, but either want to know more about or dress better. Explore our course and learn when it suits you!

Why Skolen Online?

We are no traditional school. In fact, we're quite different from what you probably know already. Our goal is learning and development, on your premises. We are just making the platform available.

Study when you want to or make an angreement with a teacher

We all learn differently. Some of us need direct contact and feedback from the teacher, others of us would like to follow the subjects without any necessary contact with the teacher and others again are at an age where we prefer to have the mother or father to help. Here you will find private lessons, courses for home schooling and various online courses


Online when you want to
Skolen Online allows you to study at your pace. You can watch videos, read texts, do tasks, and the like when it fits into your everyday life.

Our teaching and teaching materials can be determined with what is commonly required in primary school. Our teachers have experience in learning, developing and teaching children and young people or bringing knowledge from their field of expertise that they use in the courses they develop.

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