From less than 1 krone a day you can support our concept for children and young people. Your contribution ensures that we can produce and deliver our analogue and digital courses and materials as well as strengthen us in our future online and offline projects for all children and young people

In return, you get

Joyful Thanks and a certificate
Invitations to our future events
Our newsletters with fresh info
Offers and other good things to show up, also from our partners

Why should I become a sponsor?

Because you want to show your support for children to get education regardless their connection to traditionel school system.

You want to strengthen the society of the future and the labour market by giving today's students access to education as well as material to strengthen each student's skills and thus benefit the pupil itself, but also for the society of the future.

Support us because we think of you, the children and our common future.

We care about


  • Sustainable education - also online

  • Online teaching with contact and feedback from teachers and mentors who offer knowledge and wisdom

  • we believe that children and parents are worth more than the approximately 2 minutes with a teacher or temporary vessel per pupil per subject/lesson per week that is the average primary school teachers have for their pupils

  • to combat inequality in educational and educational opportunities

  • to broaden the horizon for students

  • to work with clubs, associations, companies to support our students' ability to social activities and learning around teaching

  • to relieve parents who have children at home, but not even the opportunity to teach


Because we use our sponsorship support like this

  • 45% go to scholarships for students who are in the 'grey area' between not being in school and not receiving any other form of teaching

  • 10% goes to projects that you help to choose

  • 45% go to marketing, research & development

  • Sponsorstipendier

  • Vi bruger 100% af Sponsor stipendier til stipendier

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Study or let your child study with us

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Do you know one or are you a possible partner?

Then we'll hear from you.

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