Can you teach, develop materials and engage children and young people online?

Then you should consider being affiliated as a material developer or teacher at School Online.

We are looking for teachers who can and will develop material and/or teach subjects for

  • 0-3 grade.

  • 4-6 grade
  • 7-9 grade.

  • Secondary education

  • Other interesting subjects


The desire to develop material for your target group runs the work.

Your backpack is filled with knowledge and experience. Not necessarily as an online teacher, but you are professionally dressed to stand for the teaching you provide.

That you are settled by number of courses sold or products/materials as a fee paid unless you have that you wish to use.


You design the content and material for your subjects and courses in relation to skolen online's guidelines and quality requirements for courses and materials.

Of course, you can get advice and assistance from one of Skolen Online's project managers.

You develop quizzes, tests and provide feedback to the students who want it.


You must be approved as a teacher before going online with your subjects and materials as well as accepting our guidelines for trainers. First of all, it takes you to send your information to us, share your experience with us. Tells us what you want to contribute and agree that we catch up with a children's certificate.

Ps. You will receive a fixed share in the form of royalty/fee/commission for all your trades, services or products/materials.

What you can do?



If you only want to develop material for resale and you don't have time for direct contact with children, young people, parents, etc. then you associate as a material developer base royalty contact



Do you have time to be in contact with the students? Either through feedback on tasks, conversation via video or offline to professional and social contexts, you can be attached to teacher/developer contact



We use educators or material developers to fill the role of material approver.
If you can ensure that all courses, products and services are completed and meet our quality requirements, then you can apply to become a material approver.

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